Online Packaging Solution

To better support customers in answering the quest for autonomy and novelty by the new generation consumers, and capturing opportunities in online shopping, the Group presents the market with an innovative personalized packaging service.  Leveraged on a state-of-the-art DIY design platform, and the small volume fast track production workshop that houses a comprehensive range of digital facilities, the turnkey solution empowers brands to launch creative marketing campaigns to boost sales and take customer services to the next level. 

The innovative service blends 3 emerging concepts perfectly together: 

  • capture the borderless opportunities offered by online shopping
  • collect big data for consumer behaviors analysis 
  • creative and fun
  • highlight the interaction between consumers & brand, thereby bolstering brand engagement 
  • a cost effective solution that empowers marketers to launch innovative marketing campaigns and boost sales

Features of QP personalized packaging services include: 
  • Dedicated DIY design platform for brand
  • consumers can add image, graphic and text to make their own designs
  • real time preview of the 3D effect for the finished design
  • seamless integration of the design platform, online shop and production system in the back end
  • QP to orchestrate the final pack out and logistics
  • Small volume production is welcomed 
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